sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2009

You Stupid People! An Open Manifesto to Human Stupidity

The book bears the sanity, madness and strength of a document that challenges the times and the expectations of those who read it. The reader will soon recognise the stupidity of their colleagues, neighbours, parents, lovers and, inevitably, like an inverted Narcissus, of themselves. This is the point where many people close the book, throw it back on the shelf. But those that challenge themselves and persist in reading are rewarded with a clarity of thought and the sharp rhetoric of Bazzo.

By evoking fragments of the works of Nietzche, Cioran, Tzara, Malatesta, Marinetti and, also of Tostoi, Ibsen, Dostoievski, Thoreau, Cocteau and Canetti, a voice, with impetuousness and firmness, mockery and emotion, elegance and carelessness, rage and tenderness, Bazzo makes a warning against the fallacies that we all pursue and the intensity that we do not manage to have in our lives.

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